Missionary Assessment Center

What is a MAC?

The Missionary Assessment Center is an invaluable tool that will help you explore and refine the call to missions that God has put on your life. Over a two and a half day period, participants in the MAC are evaluated by seasoned assessors in 15 different key areas critical for missionary life and ministry. Veteran missionaries and a licensed Christian psychologist administer one-on-one interviews, lead sessions that help expose participants to missionary life and conduct testing in personality profiles, ministry style and intercultural inventory.

Who should attend?

If you feel as though God might be calling you to be a missionary, then the MAC is for you!

Why be assessed?

The input and recommendations received from the seasoned assessors can be invaluable in the pursuit of becoming a missionary. Participating in a MAC can help you discover your strengths, areas of growth, uniqueness and many other factors that can help you develop a healthy approach to missionary life and ministry. The heart of Converge Worldwide is not only to send out healthy missionaries but to care for those missionaries well. The MAC allows us to come alongside the local church in doing both.

Contact Glenn Herschberger

For more information or if you are interested in attending a MAC glennh@convergeww.org